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Aug Jacob Holm has simplified the supply chain for its production of Kevlar and Nomex protective fabric products, effective September DuPont

Alta calidad de tela de kevlar y NomexPrecio FOB de Referencia: US , , Metro Cuadrado Cantidad Mínima: Metros Cuadrados.

Nomex IIIA is produced by mixing Nomex, Kevlar, and Dupont's antistatic fiber(P ) and this fabric is used for flame and heat resistance clothing.

With five times the strength of steel, DuPont Kevlar fiber helps make Threads of DuPont Kevlar and DuPont Nomexprotection innovation help

DuPont Kevlar provides lasting strength reinforcement for flexible thermoplastic hoses and other oil and gas applications.

Kevlar thread is often used to hold the fabric together at seamsMilitary tank drivers also typically use Nomex hoods as protection against fireIn the U.Sspace

DuPont Kevlar and DuPont Nomex are relied on for lightweight thermal protection in a wide range of aerospace, marine and rail applications.

Kevlar Nomex Kevlar Fiber Improved and Stronger Means Safer Nomex Fiber The Standard For Heat and Flame Resistance WE'RE HERE TO HELP.

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g Thermal barrier, % DuPontTMNomex, % KevlarIBENA Silver StarDuPontTM Nomex IBENA Tide g g DuPontTMNomex III A, ripstop fabric IBENA: Exclusive Quality Partner of DuPont Nomex in China